Austria climbs to eighth place in the EU’s innovation ranking

This story initially appeared on ABA – Invest in Austria‘s website.

The “European Innovation Scoreboard” is a benchmark instrument on innovation development in the EU member states. Austria climbed in the current EU ranking presented at the end of June from nine to eighth place and is above the EU average.

Austria is in the second group and is named in the ranking as a “Strong Innovator” together with countries such as Germany and France. The top five countries in the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020 are Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Netherlands and Luxembourg. These five member states comprise the group of so-called “Innovation Leaders”.

Amongst other reasons, Austria has a strong rating in the European Innovation Scoreboard 2020 thanks to its good marks for innovative SMEs, which stand out due to intensive cooperation. For example, Austrian SMEs are European champions in the EU research framework programme “Horizon 2020”.

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