Bank employees will not be allowed to use mobile phones

Credit: Alexander Kryazhev | RIAN

Bank clerks will not be able to bring their mobile phones to work. According to the Association of Banks of Russia and the Association of Russian Banks, this policy will reduce data leaks.

According to representatives of the banking associations, bank clerks often photograph their clients’ personal data with their smartphones, but avoid liability claiming they didn’t do it intentionally – they were just “selfies.” Experts believe that such restrictions are particularly relevant for employees of call centers, back offices and those working with CRM systems – they work most with passport data and customer bank accounts.

In the future, recommended restrictions on the use of smartphones at work can be added to the Central Bank standards, Izvestia daily reports. The banking community is so far taking the initiative warily, although some institutions have already imposed such bans on their staff. The Agricultural Bank, for example, bans not only phones, but also tablets and even players at its offices. The Central Bank has not yet commented on the advisability of this policy.

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