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Ben Nelson: Key challenges have had to deal with economic inequality

Ben Nelson, Founder, Chairman and CEO of Minerva Project, is taking part in the Gaidar Forum in Moscow organized by the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration. On the sidelines of the event, Invest Foresight asked Mr Nelson about his forecast regarding the global economic process in 2020.

“I am not one to try and predict the future with certainty but I have observed, along with many others, that the key challenges that have animated much of domestic turmoil over the past decade from the Arab Spring to the Occupy Movement to various election results, have had to deal with economic inequality,” Mr Nelson said. “The countries and regions that should influence the economy of 2020 will be the ones that will offer a novel solution to address inequality while continuing to enable overall economic growth. My fear is that, instead, the trendsetting countries will be those who will offer popular but deeply flawed solutions. The biggest opportunities will come from those solutions that will deliver higher quality products and services at a substantially lower cost to the consumer. That is something that, no matter what the climate, will always find success.”

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