Business accelerator participants to develop book analysis tools

This July in Moscow, Innopraktika is launching its IT Formula business acceleration program, with the support of Loga Group.

Accelerator participants will be developing Robotics and IoT technology projects tailored to the needs of their industrial partners that include Litres e-book store, Apatech, a company producing complex solutions based on composite materials, Giftery online gift certificate store and Data Monsters developer of smart recommendation systems and AR projects.

To boost the companies’ strategic areas, the accelerator participants have been given several tasks, such as developing a semantic analysis technology for identifying similar books, creating a predictive analytics system for consumer behavior and demand, developing a composite production automation technology, a new AI-based data processing algorithms and a marketplace for leasing service providers and customers.

The participants will be able to build teams, develop and test their solutions. Creators of the best projects will get a chance to start a business funded by investors or find a job with one of the major Russian companies in their respective industries.

Organizers promise that the participants will have access to an international pool of investors and mentors; they will learn about topical market problems and receive international Seed Forum Global certificates confirming their participation in a program on working with international investors or a program on presenting a project for an investment deal.

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