Cat sitting service launched in Moscow

With a new service that helps find a cat sitter, now pet owners in the Russian capital do not have to leave their feline friends home alone while going out or heading to work.   

The newly launched project, dubbed Tsap-Tsarap, offers various cat sitting formats. While their owners are away, cats will be visited and fed; other options also include longer visiting times of over one hour and providing playtime for pets. The first option costs RUR 399 ($6.3) for 15 minutes, while the price for the second one is based on the hourly rate, each hour costing RUR 599. Cat owners are known to not skimp on pet food, care and toys.

For felines that require increased attention, owners can order a cat sitter who will spent the night with their pet or even take it home. This all-inclusive option is the most expensive one and costs RUR 699 ($11) per 24 hours.

The service has been launched by founders who are already well-known in the pet service market and own the popular dog walking service Sobaka-Gulyaka (A Walking Dog). Currently orders can be made via the service website. The project founders say that cat sitters will receive special training; they will also make post-visit reports and photos.

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