Consumer security in Russia in decline

Consumers are best protected in Tatarstan, Bashkortostan and the Rostov Region. Consumers are least protected in Chukotka, the Nenets Autonomous Area and the Magadan Region, according to a ranking of Russian regions based on consumer security developed by the Association of Russian Consumers.

The ranking was presented on Tuesday at the Federation Council. It is based on nine criteria and 40 parameters. Specifically, the ranking authors analyzed the availability of information for consumers on regional websites, the availability of hot lines where consumers could obtain information about their rights, and performance of public councils of executive bodies that deal with consumer rights protection. Experts also assessed the implementation of the program to protect consumer rights and improve financial literacy of people in the regions.

The experts divided Russian regions into three categories. Green regions have a high level of consumer protection (16 regions); blue regions have a medium level of consumer protection (38 regions) and red regions have a low level of consumer protection (31 regions).

According to the head of the Association of Russian Consumers Alexei Koryagin, the level of consumer security in Russia is decreasing.

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