The first operations were carried out using the exoskeleton

ExoChair, an industrial exoskeleton developed by Sberbank’s Robotics Lab, has helped surgeons to carry out more than 12 hours of operations. The exoskeleton was used for the first time in Russia and Europe during surgical operations at Rostov-on-Don Regional Hospital.

During the test, ExoChair helped both the lead and assisting surgeons during operations of varying complexity, including endoscopic and laparoscopic operations.

ExoChair is a passive industrial exoskeleton that unloads back and leg muscles while its wearer works in an upright position. It was developed by Useful Robots LLC with support from Sberbank’s Robotics Lab.

The industrial exoskeleton received positive feedback from the surgeons; they noted its significant impact during the lengthy operations (more than two hours). A plan to update ExoChair is currently being worked out in accordance with the medics’ comments that are mostly related to making it more comfortable to use.

Initially, the Robotics Lab planned to use an exoskeleton to reduce fatigue and increase labour productivity of employees who work in an upright position for long periods of time. While testing the exoskeleton, the idea occurred to use it in other non-production activity areas where the unloading of the back and legs is needed, in particular, in health care.

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