Eastern Europe to curb emissions by 30% by 2030

Mayors of 413 Eastern European cities signed an agreement to reduce hazardous emissions by 30% by 2030, according to Maria Falaleyeva, Deputy Chairperson of the Ecoproject inter-regional public organization (Minsk), who spoke at the 3rd Climate Forum of Cities on September 5.

The expert noted that the cities bound by the agreement must not only develop plans to lower emissions but also establish bodies responsible for implementing these plans. The agreement has been joined by 413 cities in Eastern Europe, or one in every four cities. This includes 48 Belarusian cities.

Maria Falaleyeva added that the participating cities must measure the amount of greenhouse gases they produce and draw up an action plan to curb the emissions.

The speaker pointed out that cities’ participation is essential for fulfilling the Paris Agreement which is aimed at preventing the average temperature on the planet from increasing by over 2 degrees by 2100. She also stressed that all big cities such as London, Chicago and Paris are working on their plans to avert global climate change.

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