Miratorg starts leather business

Miratorg Agribusiness Holding has launched a high-tech leather production facility in the Bryansk Region.

The complex for butchering and industrial processing of cattle (100 heads per hour) is now equipped with an additional line: it takes the new drying machine 30 minutes to dry leather, which is ten times faster than with the old machines. The new machine costs over €2 bln. The total investment in the new production facility reaches RUR 3.5 bln ($53 mio).

The facility will produce automotive, furniture and vegetable tanned leather (natural leather without a finish) in accordance with European standards.

“Miratorg has been planning to open a leather production facility for the past five years,” said Natalia Chizh, an expert in the agrarian and food markets. “This will allow for making the production waste-free and at the same time profitable, because leather is very expensive on the market.”

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