President on unique support tools for doing business


Vladimir Putin addressed plenary meeting of the Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostik, presidential web page reports.

As he noted, “along with steps to improve the business climate everywhere in Russia, we have offered completely new and largely unique support tools for doing business in the Far East and being globally competitive. As many as 20 territories of priority social and economic development have been established around the region, with special conditions for launching production, special tax regimes and state support measures. As many as 369 resident companies have registered there, signed contracts worth nearly RUR 2.5 tln ($39 bln) and announced the creation of more than 60K new jobs. These businesses have already invested RUR 344.8 bln ($5.5 bln) in their projects and created nearly 20K jobs. Starting from 2015, investors have contributed RUR 612 bln ($9.5 bln) to the region’s economy, launched 242 new plants, and created more than 39K jobs. As a result, industrial production growth in the Far East over the past five years has amounted to almost 23%.”

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