Expert fund develops regional ‘virus sovereignty’ index

Credit: Alexandr Kondratuk | RIAN

St Petersburg-based public relations development fund Peterburgskaya Politika (St Petersburg Policy) has implemented a project that allows calculating a ‘virus sovereignty’ index in Russia’s regions depending on their efforts to tackle the COVID-19.

The index will allow dividing the regions into three groups with high, medium and low indexes, Vedomosti business daily reported.

The regions with high ‘virus sovereignty’ index include Chechnya, Karelia, Chelyabinsk Region and another 11 regions. They have introduced most strict lockdown measures, which include restricting entry into their territories and banning alcohol sales.  

A total of 33 regions have a medium index. Those areas have introduced less strict lockdown measures, such as limiting the motor traffic.

Another 36 regions have a low sovereignty index, with minimal efforts to combat the spread of the COVID-19.  

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