Experts find out how much Russians will spend on the New Year

Russians will buy New Year gifts for themselves worth over RUR 10K ($160). On the other hand, they are reluctant to spend more than RUR 6K ($95) on their loved ones, according to a Nielsen study.

This year, Russians will spend more money during the holiday season than a year earlier. Interestingly, the average check has grown the most when people buy things for themselves. Although only 38% of respondents said they will buy gifts for themselves, these people are ready to pay more than RUR 10K, up from RUR 5.6K ($90) the year before, RIA Novosti reports.

While the research does not specify what Russians bought during last year’s New Year holidays, this year, they plan to spend their money on jackets, boots, tablets and smartphones, washing machines and jewelry.

Interestingly, this year, Russians are going to cut spending on gifts for their friends, buying gifts for a maximum of RUR 3.3K ($50), although a year ago, they bought things worth RUR 3.7K ($58). The most popular gifts people will choose for their loved ones and friends will be sweets, clothes and toys.

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