Sberbank and Global Venture Alliance to create accelerator for school students

Sberbank, the Moscow Government and Global Venture Alliance (GVA) have launched a new project to search for talented young entrepreneurs among school students.

Schoolchildren will create business projects from scratch and receive teamwork skills and learn strategic thinking under the leadership of famous business people and experienced experts. The organizers use the up-to-date online and offline educational formats, such as stories by famous entrepreneurs, presentations, video lectures, and well as tests and quiz games.

According to GVA Managing Partner Daniil Kozlov, the current Russian ecosystem of innovations lacks school programs that support young entrepreneurs. Sberbank head Herman Gref expressed confidence that the new program will provide students with an opportunity to receive knowledge and skills that are vitally important in the 21st century.

At the first stage, young entrepreneurs will generate ideas and form teams; then they will outline the goal that their business project can achieve. The next stage is the determining and research of target audience, as well as the creation of a concrete proposal. The program will conclude in a demonstration day when all participants will defend their business projects in front of the expert jury. To prepare the children for a serious performance, experts will help them learn how to make decision-making interviews and teach them the basics of presentation-making.

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