NOVATEK’s first LNG station in Germany

NOVATEK, one of the largest independent natural gas producers in Russia, announced that NOVATEK Polska, its wholly owned subsidiary, launched an LNG filling station to provide clean-burning fuel for cargo trucks in Rostock, Germany, capable to refuel up to 120 vehicles per day.

This is NOVATEK’s first LNG filling station in Europe, while the Company plans to build a network of stations in Germany and Poland within the next few years at the key transport connecting points. NOVATEK’s broader strategy as a natural gas and LNG producer implies greater involvement in further development of natural gas as a motor fuel both in Russia and abroad.

“Today, there are only eight LNG filling stations in Germany, and this market segment represents a significant growth potential in the context of increasingly stringent environmental standards. Compared to diesel, LNG provides for a substantial reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides, carbon dioxide and almost complete elimination of particulate matter emissions,” Lev Feodosyev, NOVATEK’s First Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, noted. “We are actively engaged in developing our LNG refueling infrastructure, which is now the key factor to further expanding the use of LNG, given its affordable price and overall positive effect on the environment.”

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