Getting married at stadiums

In 2019, over 6,500 couples got married in Moscow at new marriage registration sites which opened last year. One can now register marriage at 30 unusual sites such as Moskvarium and Moscow Planetarium, old estates and mansions, Spartak and Luzhniki Stadiums, towers of the Moscow City business area, School of Modern Drama theatre or sky deck of the Ostankino TV tower.

According to the Moscow Civil Registry Office, most intending spouses are Moscow residents aged 25–34. In 2019, over half of males and 49% of females of this age got married. About 13% of men and 22% of women get married between 18 and 24. Some 35% of men and 28% of women start families between 35 and 64. In 2019, 66% of men and 68% of women married for the first time. The youngest recorded age of marriage in Moscow in 2019 was 16, the oldest being 92 for women and 97 for men.

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