Global GDP loses 15% annually due to diseases

Premature deaths and diseases cause a 15% loss to the global GDP every year, according to McKinsey & Co. analysts. 

Annual losses caused by premature ill-health and early deaths exceed the damage that has been caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, experts noted.

According to analysts, every year some 17 mio people die from chronic diseases that can be prevented. Infections diseases kill another 8 mio people, with victims’ age under 20. Meanwhile, treatments and therapy are available to treat these diseases.

Many deaths result from accidents, with the annual number of victims totaling 4.5 mio. About 1 bln people suffer from mental disorders, the Kommersant business daily reported citing experts. Early deaths lead to an estimated 43-day reduction in each person’s lifespan annually. 

According to analysts, all these factors resulted in the global economy losing $12 tln in 2017. They also claim that the damage caused by most diseases could be reduced by 40% by 2040 through taking available measures.

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