Global leaders in video surveillance

Russia is now among the countries with the broadest surveillance by means of CCTV. In Russia, 100 cameras per 1K people are already installed. According to TelecomDaily, China and US are the only two countries which are still ahead.

Credit: Kirill Kallinikov | RIAN
Credit: Kirill Kallinikov | RIAN

In the aggregate, there are 200 mio video cameras in operation in China, 50 mio in the USA, and 13.5 mio in Russia. Most of Russia’s cameras (58.7%) have been installed by private businesses for the sake of their safety. Further 32.8% of CCTV cameras are operated by authorities in schools, streets, highways, etc. The remaining 8.5% are owned by private individuals.

According to the analysts though, most (95%) of the said cameras in Russia are not linked to the cloud storage.

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