Half of Russians support digitalization of education

Credit: Alexey Kudenko | RIAN

An opinion poll showed that half of Russians support the digital transformation in education, while 35% of respondents only support digitalization of additional training, said Deputy Chair of the State Duma Youth Parliament Dmitry Shatunov during a round table discussion, Possible Results of Digitalization of Education, held at Parlamentskaya Gazeta periodical on September 2.

According to Dmitry Shatunov, he conducted an opinion poll on social networks in order to see what Russians think of digital trends in education.

“Half of respondents, mostly young people, supported digitalization; 35% of respondents did not, but allowed for using new technology is additional training. 15% more Russians – people over 30 – said that schools are not ready for digitalization yet,” Shatunov said.

He added that digitalization can be introduced not only at schools, but also at universities. For instance, they can use online tests, but such decisions must be taken by universities themselves. Shatunov believes that digitalization of education might help make the education system more flexible.

“At the moment, 64% of children who are now studying at schools and universities will not work in their degree field, which is partly related to the fact that many professions are dying out. So I believe that contemporary students should be able to receive the knowledge they want themselves,” Shatunov concluded.

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