HeadHunter ranks best employers in Russia

A job at McDonald’s is one of the most desirable options for Russians, according to a HeadHunter study – the American caterer ranked 43 among Russia’s best employers.

Credit: Mihail Voskresenskiy | RIAN

HeadHunter, the largest job search ad service, analyzed the Russian labor market and ranked the most attractive companies as of the end of 2018.

According to HeadHunter, the most attractive employer is the Rosatom state-owned corporation with 2018 revenue of RUR 1 trln ($15.4 bln). In 2019, the company expects to make RUR 224 bln ($3.5 bln) with its new products alone.

The nuclear corporation is followed by Gazprom Neft, which runs Russia’s most popular gas stations chain and showed net profit at RUR 376 bln ($5.8 bln) last year.

The third place is taken by Sibur, a petrochemicals company owned by Leonid Michelson who is on the US Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List. Its revenue for the first nine months of 2018 was RUR 414 bln ($6.4 bln). The grand scale of its new projects won’t give a dull moment to its employees. Furthermore, the corporation plans an IPO next fall, to sell 15% of its shares on the stock exchange, attracting more funds from investors.

The fourth most desirable employer in Russia is somewhat unexpected. Despite the increasingly frequent accusations of its products provoking cancer, the US Coca-Cola company has remained one of the leaders.

The Russian mining and metallurgical company Norilsk Nickel, owned by businessman Vladimir Potanin, immediately following Coca-Cola on the ranking seems quite natural, with its 2017 capitalization of RUR 1.6 trln ($24.7 bln) and headquarters located in a Moscow International Business Center tower. Top positions taken by Raiffeisenbank, Sberbank, Kaspersky Lab and Beeline telecommunications operator are not surprising either: these companies have been operating in the Russian market for a long time and have proved themselves as stable employers.

The emergence of the American technology company Nvidia on the list of the best employers is also rather understandable: amid the current hype of blockchain, Nvidia has managed to earn good money from selling cryptocurrency mining equipment and then, with bitcoin plummeting, promptly left the market and focused on the production of GPUs and SoCs.

The two companies listed lower in the ranking are obviously surprising. The first one is Krasnodar-based company Transasia Logistics, which ranks 13th. HeadHunter representatives do not explain why an unremarkable regional company is so high-ranked.

However, even more surprising is McDonald’s, which is named among the worst employers in Russia but ranks 43rd. This shows that the ranking compilers have a different opinion. It’s no accident that McDonald’s is included on the list, director of HeadHunter’s brand center Nina Osovitskaya told Invest Foresight. She explained that the company has advanced HR management, with a clear system for growth and training designed for all potential employees. Young people choose to work at McDonald’s because they see obvious prospects of this work as the start of their career, Osovitskaya noted. Although the company’s image in the labor market is far from being the most attractive, its internal processes are organized well, she added.

Another American fast food restaurant chain, KFC, is ranked only 66th, leaving behind  Eldorado supermarket chain, InfoWatch information security company, and even real estate development company Donstroi.

By Alexander Stolyarov

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