Invest Foresight observer shortlisted for business media awards

Invest Foresight journalist Anna Oreshkina has been shortlisted for BBI Media Award, a new professional contest for journalists, bloggers and columnists who write about management and entrepreneurship. The award was established by BBI.  

The purpose of the award is to facilitate development of quality business journalism in Russia and to promote the media outlets that can help managers and entrepreneurs in their search for new solutions. There are three award categories, including book reviews, interviews with entrepreneurs and scientists, and original articles with original ideas about management, marketing, recruitment and other business-related areas.

The short list of nominees includes 50 articles and interviews published by RBC,, Sekret Firmy, Forbes Russia, Invest Foresight and other media outlets and blogs. Anna Oreshkina’s shortlisted interview was with Mail.Ru Group Strategy Director Alexander Gorny.

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