Japanese Lada leaves Russia

Japanese automaker Nissan posted the worst financial results in 20 years in 2019. Company representatives said they plan to change the development strategy, including in Russia. As a result, the Datsun, a Nissan-owned brand of low-cost subcompact cars assembled at AvtoVAZ, will leave the Russian market.

Nissan will focus on the production of its basic models, while the old models, including Datsun, will be discontinued, Kommersant business daily writes quoting company sources.

According to the company’s report, Nissan Motor showed a net loss of $6.2 bln in the last fiscal year closed in March. This result is even worse than during the 2008 crisis. This led the company to revise its development strategy.

Datsun was introduced in 2013 in India and has been manufactured in Russia since 2014. The Datsun mi-Do is a restyled version of the AutoVAZ-developed Lada Kalina and is very similar to the Russian model Lada Granta. New Datsun cars will no longer be available in Russia.

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