Kaspersky Lab warns about new methods of ATM robbery

Robbers now can withdraw money from cash machines by connecting ATM cash dispensers to their laptops: Kaspersky Lab warns about several such cases in Russia and other countries of Eastern Europe.  

The algorithm is simple: criminals break into ATMs, connect the cash dispenser to their laptops and lock the ATM leaving the dispenser inside. Windows is used as an operating system. Then they return to the cash machine and pretend to be working with it. Meanwhile, their accomplice remotely connects to the hidden laptop and orders the ATM to provide cash. According to Kommersant Daily, criminals have already managed to withdraw tens of thousands of dollars.

According to Kaspersky Lab leading security expert Sergei Golovanov, malware was not used in ATM robbery in this case. The criminals took their laptops back with them.

A survey by Positive Technologies international software company says that most cash machines are vulnerable and it is possible to illegally withdraw cash from them. They also are susceptible to credit card fraud and identity theft.

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