Russian RoboCV named one of best startups in Europe

RoboCV, a resident startup of the Skolkovo Foundation that turns forklift trucks into autonomous robots, has been named one of the best AI (artificial intelligence) startups in Europe by Valuer, a company that provides matchmaking services between startups and corporations, accelerators and investors.

Valuer’s description of RoboCV reads: “RoboCV has developed a system that allows you to cost-effectively automate the shipping of goods.” The company’s X-Motion NG solution aims to automate the movement of horizontal pallets within warehouses and distribution centres by equipping regular electrical forklifts with RoboCV’s autopilot system and using a cloud-based service to optimise task distribution among the robots in real time. The system, whose cloud service allows warehouse managers to monitor the exact location of any cargo at any given time, has been tested at major global companies including Samsung and Volkswagen. RoboCV demonstrated its technology at TechCrunch Disrupt New York last year.

Based in the Skolkovo Technopark, RoboCV is the only startup from Russia to make the list of 33 startups.

The website identified a total of 13 AI startups working in Russia, compared to 121 in the U.K., 51 in Germany and 39 in France.

“The United Kingdom remains the dominating force in Europe, with London taking the lead with over 90 startups, followed by Germany (Berlin), France (Paris), and Spain (Madrid). Both the U.K. and France have made investment in AI a top priority, and it is hoped that other European countries will follow suit,” said the article by the Copenhagen-based Valuer.

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