Sberbank offering to make digital world accessible to everyone

Sberbank has made a step towards increasing the availability of digital services in Russia to mark International Day of Disabled Persons, December 3. Sberbank’s official website provides a guideline on adapting digital services for users with special needs, including hearing-impaired, visually impaired, physically impaired persons and people with information perception difficulties.

Sberbank focused on its experience of working with experts of the disabled community and the best foreign practice to prepare the guideline. It is also based on the bank’s experience in adapting the Sberbank Online app.

The guideline is structured so that all specialists who create a service can easily find out how they influence an interface’s accessibility. The guideline can help not only Sberbank, but also other Russian companies to design and develop services that take into account the special needs of their clients from the very beginning.

 “Our goal is to provide access to the ecosystem’s products and services for all clients and set standards of inclusive service in the Russian banking sector. Today, on International Day of Disabled Persons, we decided that it is important to share our knowledge and experience with the professional community and motivate other companies to work on digital accessibility,” Alexandra Altukhova, Director of the Special Solution Division of Sberbank said.

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