Labor market trends: which skills will become key ones for employers

Today, the labor market is changing rapidly, and this affects inevitably the recruitment sector. To ensure the stable development and high-quality activities of the company, it is important to keep his finger on the pulse both for the recruiter, in order to determine the necessary personnel as quickly as possible, as well as for specialists, to adapt to new realities. Which ones? And what in general is happening now on the Russian labor market?

“Pains” and trends

The problem of blue-collar workers is most acute now: there is a shortage of qualified personnel in the labor market. Besides, employers try to reduce costs and hire people in low-paid positions without proper experience and qualifications. For the same reason, the personnel of sales managers suffers, as well as the middle link with experience of 3 years.

Another tangible pain is the construction sector. Due to economic difficulties, many companies in this area were on the verge of bankruptcy, which led to a reduction in jobs and worsening working conditions.

The growing trends include the growing interest of employers in IT specialists and professionals in the field of digital technologies. In the context of widespread digitalization and automation, many companies need personnel who can quickly ensure the effective operation of systems and processes.

The demand for employees in the field of marketing and sales has also reappeared. In the context of increased competition in the market, many companies are trying to improve their marketing strategies, and this requires the availability of highly qualified specialists.

Innovation, empathy, analytical thinking – what skills are priority today

According to the WEF, among the most relevant skills in the current:

  • ability to think analytically;
  • flexibility, “inner rod”;
  • creative thinking;
  • motivation;
  • ability to control the quality of work;
  • empathy, the ability to listen to the interlocutor;
  • scrupulousness;
  • technological literacy;
  • leadership qualities.

In addition, given the growing number of freelancers and offers of remote work, self-organization, self-motivation and the ability to perform successfully tasks in the absence of direct control by management have become important skills.

The skills that became priority now are associated with the challenges of a new time and a period of uncertainty. It is important for a specialist for high-quality career development to track quickly such trends and quickly adapt to changes – to update knowledge and skills in accordance with market requirements.

On the same wave: how a specialist can prove himself correctly at an interview

There are two interview techniques – PARLA and STAR. They help candidates demonstrate their skills and experience to an employer or HR manager.

PARLA describes the structure of answers to questions and includes the following elements:

  • problem: description of the problem to be solved;
  • action: a narrative of actions taken to address the issue;
  • result: description of the results achieved through actions.

Through this approach, a candidate can structure the response and naturally emphasize his skills.

STAR is a technique that is also effective for environmentally friendly descriptions of your skills. It includes the following elements:

  • situation: description of the situation in which the candidate faced a problem;
  • task: a story about the task to be completed;
  • action: description of actions taken to implement it;
  • result: lists the results achieved through actions.

STAR allows you to reveal skills related to the performance of specific tasks. To show the employer or HR manager the presence of demanded qualities, the applicant should prepare for the interview in advance and think about how to use the best PARLA and STAR structure to describe his professional experience.

The candidate should select several examples that best demonstrate his skills and prepare to talk about them using the above methods. It is also important to emphasize what specific skills and qualities were used to achieve the result. Such approach – understanding their capabilities and their skillful use to ensure the achievement of their goal – will become the most popular among employers today and in the coming years.

By Maria Lobanova, HR expert, CEO of TenChat’s innovative TenHunter platform

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