London taxis in Azerbaijan

The number of London taxis is projected to increase in Baku, the nation’s capital. “Renewal of the taxi fleet is one of the priorities of the country’s transport sector,” the Azerbaijani Ministry of Transport, Communications and High Technologies told local Trend news agency.

Baku residents can call London taxis by dialing “1000″ or via Baku Taxi mobile application. Some 100 new LEVC TX 6 seaters meeting the modern standards have been supplied to the country.

LEVC TX 6 can travel up to 130 km on electricity, and change the mode of operation thereafter. This means zero harm to the environment and ecology. Taxis, which use smart technologies, are safe for both drivers and passengers. Additionally, such cars can warn their drivers of the maximum permitted speed. If a driver loses control or abruptly changes the trajectory of movement, special sensors communicate appropriate information.

The passenger compartment of the new taxis has been made wider and has six seats. The cars have been equipped with USB ports, Wi-Fi and CPS. To minimize the contact between a driver and a passenger, a glass partition has been installed, which is also very beneficial in terms of isolation and social distance during a pandemic. There is a special microphone for communicating with the driver, a Braille control panel for the visually impaired, and an information board for the hearing impaired. Cars have also been equipped with a ramp for people with disabilities. The payment in these taxis can also be made through POS terminals.

The new taxis have been equipped with the Android system, which creates ample opportunities for drivers to control the whole process through the monitor.

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