MiG to produce a brand-new long-range fighter

MiG aircraft builder is currently developing MiG-41 5G battle plane and will soon present it to the public, Russia’s TASS agency reported.


MiG-41 is to replace MiG-31 interceptor, Ilya Tarasenko, director general of the MiG corporation, said. In Russian, the aircraft is also branded as PAK DP (advanced long range interceptor aircraft system). Its specifications are not disclosed yet. It is known though its designers consider an option of building an unmanned combat aircraft too.

MiG-31 was built over 40 years ago. It could fly at over 3K kilometers per hour and has a combat radius of over 720 kilometers. The then innovative air-to-air missiles allowed the fighter to intercept large bombers, cruise missiles, and even low orbit satellites.

MiG-41 deliveries to the Russian military are expected to start in mid-2020s.

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