More foreign tourists visit Russia

In 2018, Russia received 20% more foreign tourists than in the previous year, according to the Russian Association of Tour Operators.

A total of 5 million foreign tourists visited Russia in 2018. The Association reports that 90% tourists preferred organized tours when they traveled to Russia. Only a small part traveled independently. South Korea, China and Germany account for the largest increase in foreign tourist traffic in 2018. The number of domestic tourists traveling within the country also increased by 8%. The number of organized tours increased by 10%.

A significant increase can be seen in the number of tourists who visited Sochi, the Krasnodar Territory and Crimea (23 to 24 million tourists). Interestingly, the demand for guided excursions decreased by 7% to 9%. The popularity of such destinations as St. Petersburg, Kazan and Golden Ring towns dropped this year.

More tourists from South Korea visited Russia’s Far East, with a total of 60 flights from South Korea to Vladivostok per week.

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