More Russian pensioners use internet

Credit: Evgeniy Odinokov | RIAN

Last year, more Russians started using the internet, the growth attributed mainly to the increase in the number of older people who learned how to use the World Wide Web, GfK analytical agency reports.

In 2019, the number of internet users in Russia over 16 years gold grew to 94.4 mio people, which is 3.4 mio more than the year before. Now almost 80% of the country’s adult population uses the internet.

Interestingly, the number of pensioners who started using the Web went up significantly over the last year, RBC reports. If in 2018, only 26% of retired people over 65 years old knew how to go online, now their number is 10% higher.

Teenagers account for the largest group of internet users as 100% people in this age category in Russia knows how to use the internet. Young people aged 20 to 29 are also online frequently, with 97% of this age group knowing how to use the global network.

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