Moscow earmarks $90 mio to teach pensioners how to sing and dance

Credit: Vladimir Astapkovich | RIAN

As many as 200K senior citizens have been offered various activities aimed at prolonging active life over the 18 months of the Moscow Longevity project, Deputy Head of the City Department of Labor and Social Protection Vladimir Filippov said during the four-day Healthy Moscow Assembly forum.

This figure is 20 times the level observed during the Soviet time, when 160K people of varying ages were using the system of municipal clubs and leisure activities, with only about 10K pensioners among them.

At present, pensioners seeking intellectual engagement have a choice of 225 clubs at 26 Moscow universities; sport lovers can exercise in city parks and gyms, play basketball, volleyball, and badminton; while more than 70 art schools offer them drama and vocal classes, dance and painting lessons to help tap their creative potential.

The budget of the Moscow Longevity project is RUB 5.5 bln ($90 mio). But medics believe it’s worth it because it is about improving people’s health and prolonging life.

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