Moscow Electronic School is in the top 100 inspiring innovations

Moscow Electronic School and Medical Classes at Moscow Schools have been put on the list of this year’s 100 inspiring innovations at the HundrED Innovation Summit, which took place in Helsinki between 7 and 9 November, Moscow Mayor’s webpage reports.

Moscow Electronic School (MES) was launched two years ago to introduce digital education and make the process of learning more interesting and effective.

Most schools in Moscow now have interactive sensor boards, which teachers and pupils can use to make notes, watch video stories and presentations or access the internet. The boards operate as large screens connected to a computer. The project has also replaced numerous textbooks in the pupils’ satchels with a single tablet and review work with interactive tests.

Teachers can find the scenario of any lesson in the MES library, and they no longer need to write paper records or mark books, which have been replaced with their electronic versions. Parents can access these services from a tablet or smartphone to monitor their children’s performance.

The Moscow education priorities include not only digital education but also helping pupils make an informed choice about their careers. They can do this at pre-vocational (pre-profile) education classes.

Medical classes have modern laboratory equipment, including interactive first aid simulators, telementors, blood pressure monitors, ECG machines and other equipment. Future medics can start learning microbiology, biochemistry, anatomy and telemedicine.

The medical classes programme is co-sponsored by the Sechenov First Moscow State Medical University, Pirogov Russian National Research Medical University and future workers from over 50 healthcare facilities.

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