Moscow industrial output growing

As of the end of 2019, industrial output in Moscow grew by 7%, as reported the website of the local government.

The highest growth rates were shown in manufacture of transport equipment (66.2%), computers, electronic and optical products (49.8%), production of medicines and medical supplies (46.5%), manufacture of ready metal products (45.5%), paper and paper products (41.5%), manufacture of electrical equipment (34.4%) and rubber and plastic products (27.3%).

Moscow makes up 13.2% of the national manufacturing output and Moscow manufacturing industry makes up 13% of the gross regional product and provides 5.3% of tax revenues to the city budget. Today, there are more than 650 large and medium-sized industrial enterprises in Moscow, with some 700K people employed. In 2019, average monthly salary at Moscow manufacturing enterprises was RUR 74,290 (€1K) which is 14.2% up compared to 2018.

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