Moscow is among TOP 3 world leaders by the number of free Wi-Fi hot spots

As for the number of free Wi-Fi hot spots, the Russian capital has overtaken New York, London and Tokyo and entered the TOP 3 world leaders, according to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC).

“In 2018, Moscow almost doubled the number of public Wi-Fi hot spots and approached Seoul, which occupies the second position now,” the experts noted.

Besides, Moscow ranked first by the area of green natural and recreational sites per capita, 90% of Muscovites live within walking distance of recreation areas.

Over 60% of Moscow residents live within 500 m from cultural and leisure facilities, which ranks Moscow fifth among the largest world megacities.

Moscow ranks second in terms of commissioning street and road network, exceeded only by Beijing. However, unlike Beijing and most other cities, Moscow has been steadily scaling up road construction over the past five years.

Experts have also noted the density of the rail network in Moscow that has surpassed all other cities the study mentions.

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