Moscow ranked with the world’s top five cities

Moscow ranked fourth in The World’s 100 Best Cities ranking. 

Resonance Consultancy experts evaluated the cities’ performance based on 24 metrics, including the city’s popularity on social media, its economic opportunities, its residents’ educational attainment, the number of museums, restaurants and shops, and even how comfortable the weather is.

The top three places went to London, Paris and New York, while Dubai was fifth. St. Petersburg was ranked 17th, ahead of Toronto, Sydney and Berlin.

At the same time, Moscow is the absolute leader on the Product category, which has to do with the number of museums and other tourist attractions, and is only second to Dubai in terms of safety. The Prosperity metric is not very high for Moscow, putting the Russian capital in 25th place; however, Moscow has made it to the top five when it comes to the number of restaurants and shops. Experts believe the Best Cities ranking helps to understand what factors make cities truly attractive to live, visit and work in, as well as to make the right investment decisions.

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