Moscow state property watchdog buys a robotic dog

The State Inspectorate for Control over the Use of Real Estate the City of Moscow has hired a new employee, a robot dog, to guard land properties from unlawful occupation, Regnum reports.

Pavel Lisitsyn / RIAN
Pavel Lisitsyn / RIAN

The robot, complete with a GPS navigation system and camera, will move as fast as 11 km per hour; it will detect violations and capture them on photo and video. But before joining the force, the robotic dog needs to be trained. The first thing to learn is the routes it is going to take travelling across the city. The first tests will take place in 2022.

Invest Foresight previously reported that squirrels can help teach robots how to jump. Robotics engineers from the United States have reached this conclusion after studying these rodents’ leaping mechanics.

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