MTS accelerator receives applications from 1,500 startups

The Startup Hub corporate accelerator of the MTS cellular company has received 1,500 applications from startups from Russia and 15 foreign countries. The company selected 50 projects; some of them will be offered cooperation with large partners.

The Russian innovations market is very active, said Dmitry Kurin, head of the MTS Startup Hub corporate accelerator, at the Startup Village Conference in Skolkovo.

“This year, our accelerator concentrates on financial results. Some startups can be useful in optimizing the operations of our company. The introduction of their developments will allow us to explore new business opportunities,” Kurin said.

He also pointed out that MTS is quite interested in new digital trends.

“Our company considers them to be possible profit multipliers that can help us join the list of the world’s best companies and increase our profits,” he said.

MTS launched a corporate accelerator in 2018 with two shortlistings, one between March and August and the other between June and December. The company invited projects related with digital medicine, artificial intelligence, online education, cloud services and logistic optimization solutions. In February 2019, the accelerator announced the third shortlisting stage involving fintech startups, digital B2B services, personnel management solutions and developments in gaming and electronic sports.

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