Nornickel introduces a new brand on The London Metal Exchange

The London Metal Exchange (LME) has registered NORNICKEL, a new brand, offering nickel cathodes produced by Kola MMC, subsidiary of the Russian metals and mining company Norilsk Nickel (Nornickel), for trading.

NORNICKEL cathodes are manufactured under a new state-of-the-art electrowinning technology. The electrowinning process improves production efficiency, product quality, and reduce the Company’s environmental footprint, Nornickel’s press service reports.

“The brand’s registration on the LME boosts the material’s liquidity and pricing transparency, ” — said Markus Meurer, Nornickel’s head of global sales.

The launch of the electrowinning technology at Kola MMC is yet another step in Nornickel’s large-scale, sustainability-driven programme set to reconfigure production capacities. In 2016, the Company’s Polar Division shut down its Nickel Plant, with all converter matte sent to Kola MMC for processing. This helped to reduce SO2 emissions within the city of Norilsk by 30%. After the plant shutdown, the Company discontinued the NORILSK COMBINE H-1 and NORILSK COMBINE H-1Y nickel brands, which were subsequently delisted from the LME.

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