Over one million jobs to be created in New Moscow

More than one million jobs will be created in New Moscow, the city’s most recently incorporated areas, said Head of the Department of the Development of Moscow’s New Areas Vladimir Zhidkin during a news conference at the TASS news agency.

“By 2020, 225,000 jobs will be created in New Moscow; 574,000 will be created by 2025 and one million by 2035. These are our plans; we shall see how it works for it will depend on the economic development trends in Russia and the world,” Zhidkin said.

Most of the jobs will be created in education, logistics, finance, at processing facilities, consumer market, in the fuel and energy sector, and in construction.

In addition, transport infrastructure will be developing in Moscow’s new areas. Plans call for building 450 km of new roads by the end of 2023. 

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