Unique production of resin for nuclear power plants launched in Kuzbass

Russia’s first production of ion-exchange resin for nuclear power plants started in Kemerovo. 

The project is operated by TOKEM. It will produce technical and pure ion-exchange resin for preparation of water in thermal and nuclear energy generation as well as in other industries. Production of technical resin will double to 12,000 cubic meters per year while production of pure ion-exchange resin will increase by 250% to 138,000 cubic meters per year thus fulfilling the demand of the Russian nuclear energy market almost completely. 

“This is a promising area of production because Russian nuclear energy continues to develop. There are still ten nuclear power plants in Russia although in the past decades several energy units have been shut down,” comments economist Dmitry Afanasyev

The new production will receive investment in the amount of RUR 200 mio ($3.1 mio). Last year, the Industrial Development Fund issued a RUR 100 mio ($1.5 mio) loan to the Kemerovo company under the Development Projects program. TOKEM is the first open production in Kuzbass funded by the Industrial Development Fund.

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