Pandemic leads to car price hikes

In the period between May 1 and May 15, 2020 nine car brands represented on the Russian market increased their prices, the Cena Auto website reports. However, there is one brand that decided to lower them.

Let us first look at those who had to hike prices for various reasons. The growth is small, but the fact is interesting in itself.

Thus, LADA vehicles now cost 0.6%-2.3% (RUR 5-18K, or $70-210) more, while Renault cars are now 1.8%-3.6% (RUR 15-35K) more expensive. The price of almost all Infiniti cars grew by 0.9–2.2% (RUR 35-90K, or $488-1255), Jeep vehicles by 1.1%-2.6% (RUR 30-80K), and Mitsubishi by 0.4%-3.6% (from RUR 10K to 50K).

MINI tops the list: depending on the model and configuration, it hiked the prices by 4.8% (RUR 40-100K).

Jeep, MINI and Infiniti are the record-holders in absolute numbers: the prices of their new cars soared by RUR 85-100K.

In addition to raising prices of all cars, some brands hiked the prices of certain models.

Thus, Skoda’s Superb business sedan and Kodiaq crossover have become more expensive (by 1.2%-1.4%, or RUR 24-44K); the popular Tiggo 4 crossover now costs 0.8%-3.5% (RUR 24-44K) more; while the price of Suzuki Jimny grew by 2.9%-3.4%, or RUR 50K.

There is one brand that was able to lower the prices despite the pandemic: it is Nissan, whose crossovers Murano, Terrano and X-Trail returned to the March levels, dropping by 1.8%-3%.

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