Russia to improve competitiveness of its agricultural produce


Vladimir Putin held a videoconference meeting on the situation in agriculture and food industry, presidential web page reports.

“Russia’s agro-industrial sector has been showing fast and proactive growth and it has been consolidating its positions as a modern, high-tech industry with good potential for qualitative growth,” he said. “Russia fully provides itself with the basic foodstuffs, is consistently exploring global markets, and is one of the leading exporters of a number of goods. Russian companies have achieved impressive results in the production of meat, especially poultry and pork, vegetable oils and sugar, granulated sugar.”

Yet he noted the need to improve “the competitiveness of Russian agricultural produce so that the demand for our products and foodstuffs grows on the domestic market and abroad.” Besides, “The development of the agricultural sector is not just about achieving high production levels, but also about creating more jobs, increasing incomes and improving the quality of life for millions of people.”

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