PM on technological and digital inequality

Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev spoke at the opening of the 26th annual shareholders’ meeting of the African Export-Import Bank, website of the government reported.

“Globalisation and new technologies have shifted economic growth centers to the emerging economies and developing countries,” he said. “The number of active international players has increased, and competition between them has intensified. To retain their leading positions, former free trade advocates often use non-market methods of competition ranging from protectionism to trade wars. This explains the instability of goods and commodity markets, the global financial system, greater debts and inequality, including economic, social, technological and digital inequality.”

Speaking about strengthening ties between Russia and Africa, Medvedev noted, “The business community is also interested in expanded cooperation. This is confirmed by the growing trade between Russia and African countries. Although it increased by 17% last year, this is not enough yet, and more active efforts are needed.”

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