Prime Minister: International trade system has been put in jeopardy

Following his visits to Papua New Guinea and Vietnam, Russian PM Dmitry Medvedev had a news conference, the website of the Russian government reports.

Addressing the reporters, Prime Minister mentioned “difficulties in international trade and trade wars that are being waged in the world” and noted that “Regrettably, the international trade system has been put in jeopardy by some countries’ decisions”.

According to the PM, Russia “Is becoming a modern agrarian power. Ten or 15 years ago we had little to offer on the international food market, but have become a strong player since then. We have increased the supply of wheat and other grains”.

He also said that “The outcome of the APEC summit does look unconvincing, to put it very mildly”, yet “We are in favor of preserving free and open trade, the principles of multilateralism, or the principles of multilateral relations in trade, and consolidating these principles”.

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