Quarantine and self-isolation to help Russians save money

Self-isolation amidst the coronavirus pandemic may help with significantly reducing everyday expenses. 

In Russia, households may save up to 50% of their budgets. FinExpertiza estimates that in average, self-isolation cuts expenses by 30% per family member.

People will mainly cut corners on public transit, eating out and entertainment such as movies, exhibitions and theater. These expenses account for the largest costs after groceries and will automatically become unnecessary during quarantine.

Moscow and the Arkhangelsk Region are the regions where locals will be able to cut most expenses. Residents of these two regions will save up to 45% and 46%, respectively, or almost RUR 17.8K ($222) and RUR 12.5K ($156) per month.

The regions where locals can expect the least savings due to self-isolation include Chukotka, the Smolensk Region and North Ossetia where people will save just over 10% or around RUR 2K ($25).

FinExpertiza clarified that in the regions above and some others, public transit and eating out account for a significantly smaller share of a household budget. In over 60 regions, residents will be able to cut costs only by 20%.

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