Social distancing raises health issues

The chief visiting nutritionist of the Healthcare Ministry, Viktor Tutelyan, urged Russians practicing social distancing or working from home on their employers’ instructions due to the coronavirus pandemic to pay more attention to their diet and reduce its caloric value by at least 200 kcal.

The problem is that with social distancing, we become less active (we don’t have to go to the office or go out for lunch) while eating more (the fridge is right here – a great temptation).

But excess weight and physical inactivity are a perfect background for respiratory viral infections. Doctors in general are concerned about Russians’ diet being too high-carb – given that stores immediately ran out of cereals and pasta.

Dmitry Yanin, Chairman at International Confederation of Consumer Societies (KONFOP), also predicts an increase in alcohol consumption.

A diet that includes a lot of alcohol and starchy foods can be unhealthy, doctors warn. They also warn against stress-eating and stress-drinking and recommend doing morning exercises and include more vegetables and fruit in the diet.

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