Robin Hood the robot helps Muscovites find their police towed cars

Credit: Nina Zotina | RIAN

The Moscow Transport Contact Center now employs a robot named Robin Hood, which helps drivers retrieve their cars towed away to impound lots. It has already helped thousands of Muscovites by telling them where exactly they can find their cars.

The robot answers calls on the Moscow Transport Contact Center hotline where people call to ask questions about police towed cars and has already handled more than 12K calls from the city residents. Officials say about one-third of Muscovites know the procedure and only want to know where to get the car back. So the robot does not give extended information unless asked an additional question, just tells the owner where to go.

The robot processes 80% of calls on the hotline during business hours. In the future, the robot will be able to answer even 100% of calls, the Moskva city news agency reports.

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