Russia develops aircraft that hovers like a helicopter

Credit: Sergey Orlov | RIAN

Russian engineers have designed a new model of the Super Sukhoi fighter. The aircraft will have a new engine which will allow it to hover like a helicopter.

The engines that will be fitted on the Super Sukhoi are innovative, but not unique: they are already used on Su-35 Flanker-Е fighters. With this engine, the aircraft is able to perform aerobatics, Izvestia daily reports. In addition, the Super Sukhoi is now fitted with new radars that make the plane more maneuverable.  These innovations will make the aircraft very efficient in battle and make it hard for the enemy fighters to hit it.

The first models of the Super Sukhoi have been used by Russia to combat terrorists in Syria; the new modernized version is being developed with regard to the combat experience.

The Russian Ministry of Defense has already ordered the first batch of Super Sukhoi planes. The cutting-edge fighters are expected to enter service in the Russian Army by the end of 2021.

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