Russia develops first AI standard

The standard is to help formalize the approach to testing, quality assessment and operation for smart video surveillance systems. The Federal Agency for Technical Standards and Measurements is expected to approve the initiative by the end of the year.

The draft standard was presented by Videointellect, a Skolkovo resident company that specializes in situational awareness analytics. As a member of the technical committee established on the basis of the Russian Venture Company, Videointellect initiated public discussion of the first national standard in Artificial Intelligence.

The company notes that standardization will drive forward quality AI solutions. The plan is to rely on algorithms in the major part of operations, from ensuring security to automating some aspects of production and regulation compliance control.

“As AI technical systems build on their cognitive capabilities, the areas and scenarios of situational awareness applications will only expand further. The demand for such solutions will result in a cumulative growth of the situational awareness video analytics market,” stressed Pavel Sazhin, Videointellect CEO and lead developer of the standard.

The proposed national standard is the first in a series of standards that regulate situational awareness video analytics. Once adopted, the standard will remove existing technical barriers and give a new impetus to adaptation of smart information systems.

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