Russians admit economy is in crisis

Russia is struggling through an economic crisis, according to 60% of respondents interviewed by the Romir pollster.

In 2017, only 40% of respondents said so; now, with the novel coronavirus pandemic, their number has grown again. According to Romir, 33% of Russians believe the country is struggling with ‘some economic problems.’ In 2017, 46% of respondents gave this answer.

Only 2% of Russians appear optimistic and confident that everything is fine in Russia and there are no economic problems at all. According to the analysts, their number is almost as low as it ever was over the entire time of surveying, Rosbalt writes.

The respondents were also asked about the manifestations of the crisis that they have noted. The majority, 80%, mentioned the rising prices of goods and services. Another 60% said they can feel the crisis because companies lay off staff. The ruble’s devaluation was cited by 43%.

The pandemic continues to affect the lives of Russians, making the people feel all the painful repercussions, a Romir representative stressed.

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