Russia finishes its section of bridge to China

The Russian section of the bridge over the Amur River is complete.

The bridge will connect our country with the Heihe prefecture (Heilongjiang province) in China. The vehicular two-lane bridge is just over 1 km long, or 1,080 m to be precise. Russia and China split the construction project evenly and each country is responsible for 540 m of the bridge. The entire length of the river crossing including access roads and maintenance roads is 20 km.

Interestingly, the bridge construction project was subject to a concession agreement and used no public funding whatsoever. Terms of the concession are quite unique. Three years were given for the construction project itself, while for the first 16 years bridge users will be charged a toll (to be determined). Supposedly, by April 2020 when the bridge will become fully operational, the traffic will amount to 5,500 drivers.

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